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Whitepaper: The Great Shopper Shift and the Source of Omnichannel Truth

How to use omnichannel data to access your sales source of truth

Download our whitepaper and learn how to create the source of omnichannel truth for your brand

The great shopper shift of 2020 isn’t going away. CPG retailers and manufacturers, especially in the grocery sector, have seen huge shifts in where sales are coming from, and what is driving their shoppers’ decision-making.

Our latest whitepaper, “The Great Shopper Shift and the Source of Omnichannel Truth”, breaks down just how significantly the grocery sector has been – and continues – to be impacted.

No matter what brands are on your shelves or categories you work in, the future is still uncertain. Forward-looking retailers and brands are working to better understand two things:

1) Their sales picture across all channels, including click-to-collect and curbside, for one holistic number they can rely on, and

2) The consumer behavior and decision making process driving that sales data

Fortunately, these are the two big questions omnichannel data can answer, and you can see how in our latest whitepaper: “The Great Shopper Shift and the Source of Omnichannel Truth”

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