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Overnight assessment of a wide range of new product innovation ideas.

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The risk of untested innovations is high

Get quick feedback on claims, benefits, and product names, including the all-important reasons why consumers prefer some options over others.

Quick and inexpensive testing
Choice-based methodology
Early insights in your process
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Simple and affordable

It’s hard to know where to focus your innovation efforts. BASES Quick Screen helps sort and prioritize your most promising ideas upfront, saving you time, energy, and money. Prioritize your highest potential ideas with greater confidence.

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[TK — NEED IMAGE THIS IS PLACEHOLDER FOR THIS TEXT] Successful restages are more likely to have utilized upfront research before redesigning 41% of shoppers will continue to purchase a product because of its design.

Key features
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More than just ideas

Test the credibility of your claims, as well as perceived advantages of your benefits.


Dig deeper with consumers

Test your ideas among multiple consumer groups and customize questions for more granular insights.


Fast and easy reporting

Take advantage of Innovation Studio to ideate, build, and test your ideas with your team, before you collaborate on your results.

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