A dynamic catalog of retail and on-premise location information that delivers a consistent view of store-level performance and strategic needs.

Find the “where” behind your sales

With location-based and store-level insights, you can make data-driven distribution decisions with ease. Monitor your retail footprint and pinpoint opportunities to expand your brand’s reach in key retail and on-premise channels.

  • Create local activation strategies
  • Strategize at the store-level
  • Improve supply chain and demand planning

Store data for hands-on strategies

Access universal coverage for every store and outlet in retail trade and on-premise channels. You’ll have a consistent view of performance and the ability to strategize at a granular level with harmonized data sourced from retailers, distributors, and other third parties.

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Key features
Key features


Detailed location characteristics

Use a database of store characteristics to improve your local activation strategies.


Continuous database updates

Constant database updates allow you to understand performance over time while accounting for acquisitions and store openings/closings.


Dependable data when you need it

Integrate location data directly in your internal or third-party BI tools. Dependable data delivery helps you create repeatable business processes.


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