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NielsenIQ Partner Network

Gain access to the most complete global retail point of sale data and full view of consumer behavior.


Power your solutions with NielsenIQ data​

CPG Manufacturers and Retailers can now access more data than ever before, thanks to the NielsenIQ Partner Network. Our open ecosystem uses NIQ data as the glue that connects it all, allowing companies to create robust data-driven solutions.​

Win the business of CPG brands by​ joining the NielsenIQ Partner Network.​


Simplified access to data


Dedicated support


Wider market reach

Invest with a reliable partner

Our syndicated retail measurement data provide CPG Manufacturers and Retailers with invaluable insights across various data, analytics, and technology use cases. We strive to be a helpful and reliable partner in delivering data-driven solutions to help our clients make informed decisions and improve their business performance.

Unlock the Benefits of the NielsenIQ Partner Network
  • For Partners
    • Access to NIQ exclusive data
    • Dedicated service and delivery team
  • For Retailers & Brands
    • Easily access a wide range of vetted partners to augment NIQ solutions to power even better business results
  • For NIQ
    • Providing the most comprehensive 360 solution suite
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Partner Network Highlights

Joining NielsenIQ Partner Network will give you the most accurate and granular data you’ve been searching for. Here’s a sampling of the impact from our Partners.

Consumers care about sustainability—and back it up with their wallets

Consumers are shifting their spending toward products with ESG-related claims

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Did you know Higher Income Households tend to buy more diabetic-conscious foods?

A Look Ahead Webinar

Top wellness trends to watch in 2023 in our inflation economy

NielsenIQ Partner Network Expands with Pacvue

Addition of Pacvue builds a direct link between retail media and the omnichannel market


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