Gen Z

Spend Z: A Global Report, a first-of-its-kind deep dive, is designed to help retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and Tech and Durables (T&D) industries build, foster, and maintain loyalty from Gen Z. Tap into their spending potential today, tomorrow, and in the future, starting with these key report findings:

Gen Z is the largest generation in history

They will be the richest generation

They will have the highest spending growth

They will expand categories and drive growth

The most multicultural generation

Gen Z - the most multicultural generation

Pressing Questions

Watch World Data Lab’s Dr. Homi Kharas and Wolfgang Fengler discuss the impact of Gen Z to the CPG industry.

What is the current population and spend—and what are the 5-year estimates—for the GenZ population? What impact will that have?

Why is the NielsenIQ and World Data Lab partnership so game changing for the CPG industry?

What was the partnership approach between World Data Lab and NielsenIQ, and what was that partnership able to achieve?

Marta Cyhan-Bowles
Elizabeth Buchanan
Michael McLaughlin
Dr. Wolfgang Fengler
Dr. Homi Kharas
Gen Z

Gen Z is the generation to track today!

Though appealing to Gen Z comes with challenges, it also comes with great rewards. This generation will eventually overtake the spending power of previous generations, and brands who want to capitalize on that in the future should get started today.

Check out the Spend Z global report to learn more.

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