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Whether you’re looking to improve your analytics, automate processes, or tap into new data sources, the NIQ Partner Network has the dynamic expertise and resources you need. Unlock new opportunities, expand your capabilities, and achieve greater success by connecting with members of the NIQ Partner Network.

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NIQ Partners provide you with deep insights into sales performance, consumer behavior, marketing impact, product selection, and accurate forecasting by leveraging our unparalleled global data.

Business Intelligence & Automation

NIQ Partners visualize and integrate data, and facet insights that drive actionable strategies for your business. Through automation and intelligent systems, we streamline processes, enabling businesses to seize opportunities and achieve maximum efficiency.

Enriched Data

NIQ Partners enhance our comprehensive data solutions to paint a richer picture for your business by providing contextual information such as weather, employment rates, and product/store details.

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Our network of NIQ Partners helps you gain fresh insights, streamline processes, and deliver better results that amplify your business and benefit your customers. Together, we can achieve more.

Driving Business Growth with NIQ

MSA Management Science Associates, Inc.

As a NIQ Partner, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) offers CPG companies innovative analytical services to help them understand growth opportunities and behavior changes of consumers pre/post prescription drug, therapy or disease diagnosis. 

Telus Tabs Analytics

As an integration, harmonization and visualization NIQ Partner, Tabs helps clients across different industries aggregate and report data in one platform to better understand the market and uncover opportunities to improve their overall business performance. 


As a valued NIQ Partner, Destini has specialized in Where-to-Buy solutions that drive velocity and reduce competitive substitution for Grocery CPG brands.  

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As a NielsenIQ Partner, you’ll receive support from our dedicated partner management team and have the chance to collaborate with other leading companies to develop innovative solutions and grow your business.

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Unlock precise data and create impactful collaborations by joining the NielsenIQ Partner Network.

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