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Our mission
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We deliver the complete truth

That’s why we are unrelenting in our pursuit of the most granular knowledge to deliver the background knowledge you need. Our best-in-class data scientists and analysts simplify the complexity of this information, revealing powerful insights through clear, compelling stories. We capture the world as it is today, to allow you to look to the future and make decisions with confidence.

NielsenIQ News
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Careers with far-reaching influence

Become a leader in the global data analytics and technology industry. Our tools and vision can propel your career to new heights, giving you the opportunity to drive advancements across markets and top 100 companies.

Diversity & Inclusion
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Equality in data and employment

We are tirelessly driven to measure data equitably and fairly, and that commitment to equality is built into our culture. To embrace the talents and ideas of all backgrounds and perspectives is core to who we are.

People & Partners
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Our trusted data partners span the CPG, travel, shopping, auto, finance, and business verticals.



What you buy is at the core of what we do. That’s why our panels are robust, trusted, and among the largest in the world.


Public policy

We engage with government officials, industry associations, and diverse experts on issues important to our business and yours.


Academic Affairs

Learning is foundational to the advancement of data, science, and business. Here’s how we’re helping to shape the next generation of thinkers.

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Corporate citizenship

Through responsible, sustainable business practices and our commitment to giving back, we care for the communities and markets where we live and operate our business.

Privacy policy

We are committed to responsible stewardship of the data we handle and protecting the privacy of our panelists, associates, and the public.

Corporate governance

We have the honor and responsibility to steward the legacy of integrity set by our founder, Arthur C. Nielsen. Our success as a business depends on trust and independence.

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