Innovating to accelerate FMCG growth in Asia Pacific

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Innovating to accelerate FMCG growth in Asia Pacific

Fast Moving Consumer Goods are growing at +4% in Asia Pacific so far in 2023, but facing big challenges from inflation and declining consumption. Nonetheless, we see many pockets of growth across various channels, categories, and consumers across the region. In this webinar, we share new NIQ insights across 3 topics to help manufacturers and retailers have the knowledge to help build better strategies to drive faster growth across the region. 

In this webinar, you will discover: 

  • The state of the region: We’ll share Retail Measurement insights on the APAC FMCG landscape from different angles (markets, channels, categories, price and consumers) to enable the industry to see what is driving growth now.
  • Which new brands are winning in the market: Hear results from our meta analysis of successful traits and strategies of new brands who have successfully gained >0.5 market share in the past year.
  • How to drive performance in the future: We will share Retail Measurement insights and BASES survey insights to understand more around areas of growth that can help drive more consumption over the next 12 months.

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These insights will be invaluable for strategic planning for 2024 and beyond. In addition to FMCG, we will delve into the world of Technology & Durables providing a full view of the market for the first time.  

You’ll also hear learnings from a recent BASES survey of consumers across the APAC region. This survey includes the latest consumer sentiment, perspectives on price fluctuations, demands for future innovations, and much more.

Meet your speakers

Bernadette Salas 

Associate Director,
NIQ Asia Insights Center 

Liyana Yahaya 

Associate Director,
NIQ China Customer Success

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