Mom and child

Impacting the next generation of parents

A collaboration between NIQ and Supermom

27 June 2024, Thursday
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Lunch will be served
Pullman Thamrin Hotel, Jakarta

About the event

Parenting styles and household decisions are evolving, driven by the shifting mindsets and experiences of the next generation of parents. With Gen-Z and Millennials at the forefront, two generations with distinct personal values, brands and marketers face critical questions:

  • How are decisions made in today’s young family households?
  • Are traditional mother/father roles still prevalent?
  • What values do modern parents prioritize in raising their children?
  • And much more!

To address these questions and provide actionable insights, our event will explore:

  • How the parenting styles and personal values of parents aged 25-35 are shaping today’s business landscape.
  • Key factors influencing the next generation of parents in choosing products for their children.
  • Strategies to positively impact these modern parents.
  • Insights from industry leaders in Financial Insurance, FMCG, local retail, and lifestyle brands on refining marketing strategies to connect with today’s parents.

Join us at this exclusive event to gather firsthand insights on how marketers and brand owners can effectively impact the next generation of parents, based on real experiences from the supermom community in Indonesia.

27 June 2024, Thursday
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Pullman Thamrin Hotel, Jakarta