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Whether you are new to the rapidly growing specialty food industry or a seasoned veteran, NIQ offers a wide range of solutions that can help you:

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The specialty food market can be incredibly competitive and gaining shelf space or distribution requires you to be on the ball. Luckily, no matter what stage of growth your brand is in, we have the data and expert insights and product-level attribute tracking to help you get the sweetest results.

To help get you started, download our free infographics on what’s happening in Beverage, Dairy, Grocery, and Snacks:

SnapView: March ’24

Woman drinking from a water bottle outside

Instant Hydration

Products promoting “Instant Hydration” have had momentous growth, outpacing the remaining category. Click to view the full infographic for more insights on how hydration claims are affecting the category

SnapView: March ’24

Frozen Trend Spotlight

In the last five years, the Frozen Department has grown at a CAGR of 8.1%, reaching over $77 Billion!* Click to view the full infographic for more insights on how frozen trends are affecting the category.

SnapView: March ’24

Assorted sweets in buckets

2024 Valentine’s Day Candy, Gum and Mints Review

Growth in Candy, Gum and Mint during the Valentine’s season was purely inflationary! Click to view the full infographic for more insights on how Valentine’s Day affects the category