The acceleration of personalization: An e-commerce perspective in Belgium


The acceleration of personalization: An e-commerce perspective in Belgium

  • Belgium is experiencing a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape dominated by  pure player specialists.  
  • The impact of personalization is pivotal for success in e-commerce, with rich media and user-friendly experiences influencing sales at a 25% increase.  
  • NIQ’s Brandbank examines the influence of personalization, enriched media, and improved user experiences on overall e-commerce sales volume.  

The consumer landscape is evolving in Belgium

In Belgium, traditional brick-and-mortar generalists are witnessing a decline in market share, while pure player e-commerce specialists are gaining ground. Pure players dominate Fast-Moving Consumer Goods within non-food categories, commanding a 73% market share, leaving brick-and-mortar generalists at a mere 8%. 

With 35% of Belgian shoppers embracing online grocery shopping and a significant portion comparing prices and researching products online, a well-executed cross-channel strategy is vital to engage today’s discerning consumers. 

Understand the power of personalization in the e-commerce landscape

At NIQ Brandbank, we recognize that personalization is the cornerstone of success in the age of omnichannel shopping. The future of e-commerce lies in personalization, where tailored experiences and unique content create meaningful connections with shoppers.  Similar to in-store personalization strategies such as display and packaging, personalization online comes in the form of tailored recommendations, enhanced product information, and derived product attributes targeting top search keywords.  

Rich media elements strongly influence consumer buying decisions

Research has shown that enhanced content with rich media elements significantly influences purchase decisions. Shoppers are 25% more likely to purchase when enriched content is present, with visuals playing a pivotal role for 92% of consumers. Including enhanced content can result in a remarkable 5% – 10% increase in add-to-cart rates per product. In fact, 75% of shoppers are willing to switch to a brand that provides richer product information beyond what appears on the physical label. Providing comprehensive product information and unique online shopping experiences is pivotal for brands, retailers, and shoppers. 

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