Success Story

Case Study: Discover the future of CPG analytics and reporting

Success Story

Case Study: Discover the future of CPG analytics and reporting

  • Siloed data and manual reporting processes are still common roadblocks to growth within CPG organizations.
  • Learn how one global consumer health company successfully upgraded business reporting and enhanced their insights with the NIQ Discover data and analytics platform.

Reporting and insights: A manual struggle

CPG brands in the digital age need easy access to data and insights to stay ahead. But many brands still rely on old ways of working with data for lack of better automated analytics tools.

NIQ’s client, a global consumer health company, used performance and consumer data to guide its business, but the process of tracking and analyzing performance for products in multiple categories was manual and time-consuming — too time consuming to keep up with the competition.

A transformative solution

Best-in-class CPG data providers can equip CPG manufacturers like the global consumer health company with reporting capabilities for a digital age.

The company adopted the NIQ Discover platform, which pairs industry-leading data with automated analysis and reporting, making insights more accessible for users across the company. The company experienced a remarkable improvement in reporting capabilities. The Discover platform’s automated reporting includes data visualizations that allowed the company to analyze performance and derive insights in half the time, with fewer resources.

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Today, the company can effortlessly track brand performance across multiple categories and make decisions informed by competitive performance in real time.

Best-in-class reporting platforms should also offer customization. The Discover platform’s ability to customize data dashboards specifically for sales teams was an important feature for the company’s efficiency overall.

The ability to easily share data and reports within the Discover platform combined with its flexibility, speed, and power, have revolutionized business operations for the consumer health company. Learn more about what it can do for yours.

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