BASES Health & Wellness

Understand today’s Health & Wellness (H&W) Shopper with our Health Shopper Syndicated Study

BASES Health Shopper Syndicated Study helps you understand the drivers of shopper behaviors

The syndicated survey helps you see:

What products are important for the health shopper? 
What products do ailment sufferers purchase?​
Which claims are important to these shoppers?​
Who do they depend upon for advice?
How do they manage their specific ailment? 
Where do they go for care?​
How do they shop the store differently by ailment type?
What are the drivers of shopper behavior?​

What can I get from the survey?​

Access to survey results via data tables plus the ability to link survey responses to purchase/shopper behavior from the NielsenIQ Homescan Panel.

What exactly is the Health Shopper Study?

Health & Wellness (H&W) offers many ways to resonate with consumers on a personal and functional level.

They seek ingredients and characteristics that contribute to their overall health or help manage specific ailments.

Uncover the benefits for your brand to connect with H&W-minded consumers and shoppers to shape your strategies.

Examples of specific characteristics I can measure

Person innovating their products

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