Does your beer packaging need a design refresh?

Beer package design – why does it matter?

Packaging is the only marketing lever that reaches 100% of your likely triers… 

…and 70% of beer purchase decisions are made at the shelf.1

Is it time for a design refresh? 

Optimized redesigns generate an average 5.5% lift in forecasted revenue over current designs.2 But 90% of redesigns fail to deliver meaningful sales improvements for the brand.3

The key to beer packaging that drives ROI?  

Successful packaging meets its responsibilities across the shopper’s journey: 

Our team is excited to share the best practices and core principles of successful design along the shopper’s journey in our latest report, “Beer packaging: How to create a winning design that drives ROI.” 

1 NielsenIQ – How packaging drives purchasing decisions
2 NielsenIQ – Packaging sells
3 NielsenIQ – CPG package design study

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