NIQ BASES UK Pro Bono Minority Business Consulting Initiative


Data-driven expertise

At NIQ BASES we work with hundreds of clients – including many category leaders in consumer packaged goods, retailers, quick-serve restaurants, and beyond – to maximize the potential of their innovation efforts. Leveraging a combination of advanced predictive analytics, proprietary benchmark data, expert advice, and technology, BASES has been measuring the unmeasured and providing expert innovation consulting for 35+ years.

Actionable guidance

We recognize that not all innovations are created with the same goals in mind. Some new products are meant to be the next category-changing innovation, but others are launched to capitalize on a trend or to fill a niche opportunity. With varying goals in mind, the key to maximizing your return is pairing the right innovation with the right activation strategy. We have the tools and expertise to help organizations optimize the potential of their innovations from inception to launch and activation.

About the initiative
About the initiative

The BASES Pro Bono Minority Business Consulting Initiative is a sustainable opportunity for BASES to lend our innovation-focused research solutions and expert consulting to minority-owned businesses on a pro bono basis.

We are passionate about supporting minority communities and businesses.

The objective of the initiative is to engage with our pro bono clients in the same way that we engage with our traditional clients. When our clients hire us, they seek and expect the full depth and breadth of the capabilities that BASES has to offer. Each project will be designed to address business-related challenges or opportunities within a company such as those related to growth planning, pack design, idea optimization and even pricing/promotion.

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Objectives that may be explored

Build a business case to attract financial investment

This engagement evaluates very early ideas that need quick prioritization. This also provides insight into whether or not an idea can succeed, how to maximize success, & if a launch will meet revenue targets.

Building a story to sell into retailers

This engagement evaluates how to maximize an idea’s potential while providing a compelling narrative/ recommended sell-in approach through the lens of a revenue projection.

Optimizing package design

This engagement evaluates an idea’s appeal, understanding of how to maximize success, and selection of the best design direction for a product’s package.

Preparing the business for acquisition

This engagement evaluates how to optimize a business’s portfolio and/or pricing strategy in addition to providing an understanding of how to maximize an idea’s success potential with the lens of a revenue projection.

How do I apply?



Potential clients are encouraged to review the initiative’s website, and frequently asked questions prior to submitting an application.



Navigate to the bottom of this webpage to the “Click here to apply now” button. You will be directed to the application.



The BASES team will review applications, select and meet with finalists, and select the client within one month post the application deadline.

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Application deadline: 15th September, 2024, 11:59 GMT