How BPG International is using Byzzer™ to stay ahead of shifting market trends

The business challenge

BPG International has learned that flexibility and agility make all the difference when dealing with retailers. But, out of date data makes that tough. So, what can you do to make your journey easier and more intentional?

BPG International needed:

Accurate, Fresh Data

Trend Spotting

Granular UPC insights

The data solution

Top level reports pulled occasionally are valuable but don’t provide the Full View brands need. BPG International is proof that accessing up-to-date data points can help you take your business to the next level.

With Byzzer’s reports & NIQ data, BPG International is better able to identify shifts in their product offerings and act quickly on the data.

They can stay on top of emerging trends impacting their Private Label offerings.

Byzzer has helped BPG International align better with their retail partners and help champion the brands that they’re building.

“We weren’t as able to react quickly as we are now with the consistent data and flexibility that Byzzer provides us.”

Michael Thomas, Category Manager at BPG International

Need better data? Don’t worry, Byzzer has the solution!

Before access to Byzzer, BPG International was relying on ad hoc data pulls that weren’t the freshest. But, with the markets in flux, they knew they needed a better view of their products and state of their retail partners. With Byzzer™, they got the tools they needed.


BPG International uses Byzzer’s Data on Demand tool to pull reports by attributes as needed on the fly.


They look to UPC-level reports to get granular insights into their product categories and consistently stay ahead of trends.


With Panel Reports, they’re aligning strategically with retailers and building more accurate customer profiles.

Now,  BPG International no longer has to rely on old data to make their plans. They’re able to actively identify areas of growth and opportunities at a granular level based on what they have learned from the Byzzer™ platform. With hard numbers from credible data sources like NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement, BPG International is more confident in helping their brands and retailer partners achieve lasting growth.

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