Tapping into the power of TikTok Shop 

The rise of TikTok Shop presents a unique opportunity for brands to thrive in today’s omni marketplace – see how in our latest report.

Today, consumers have more choice than ever. Brands are fighting for consideration, attention, and ultimately loyalty.

TikTok Shop is a critical lever for brands to pull – it appeals to the natural shopping behaviors that exist in today’s omni environment, allowing consumers to purchase wherever they are.

Together with TikTok, NIQ experts dive into the latest data and insights in our new report to uncover:
• Why TikTok Shop is winning over consumers
• Who is using TikTok Shop and how connections are being built
• Case Study: How Dieux Skin welcomed success from TikTok Shop and how they did it
• What your brand can do to unlock the power of TikTok Shop now