Consumer Perspective on Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders as a Brand Touch Point

Brand touch points each play a crucial role in shaping the overall brand experience. Identifying and optimizing these touchpoints for a consistent and positive brand experience is challenging.

Influencer and key opinion leaders (KOLs) as a brand marketing tool have grown in prominence in the past few years. To better understand this and the role that each touch point plays in relation to other traditional and digital mediums, NIQ recently conducted a survey to provide a consumer perspective in China, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand.

According to available statistics, 95% of all brand marketing efforts in 2022 had influencers/KOLs in the mix. The survey revealed that influencers and KOLs have:

  • High familiarity (72%)
  • Significant interaction (20-25 subscribed/followed on each social media platform)
  • Strong influence (1 in 2 people claimed influencers drove their recent brand choice)

Download the highlights

There is no doubt that influencers/KOLs as a medium is a critical brand touch point for building consumer resonance, but they may not be able to function in isolation and have to be part of an overall mix, which needs to be evaluated by marketers.

To learn more about the survey’s results and takeaways, download a copy of the study highlights.