How Kekoa Foods is using Byzzer™ to convince retailers and gain shelf space.

The business challenge

Before partnering with NIQ, Kekoa Foods faced significant challenges in establishing their brand in the competitive baby food market. Despite their passion and innovative approach, they encountered hurdles in articulating their value proposition to retailers due to a lack of data-driven insights. So, how did they leap these hurdles?

Kekoa Foods needed:

Detailed Performance Metrics

Category Insights

Sales Velocity Data

The data solution

Being unable to provide detailed performance metrics or demonstrate a thorough understanding of your category hinders growth. Kekoa Foods is proof getting the Full View™ can take your business to the next level.

As a part of the Beyond SKU accelerator program, Kekoa Foods had the support of an NIQ expert to access critical data and insights about the baby food market and their competitors.

Equipped with robust and relevant data, they could articulate their product’s performance and potential, ultimately securing distribution in key retailers and driving their brand’s growth.

“Knowing how the category is performing for the retailer and being able to articulate how your products can help them continue to grow in the category, really excites the retailer, especially when you’re an emerging brand that often doesn’t come as equipped with these types of insights.”

Daniel Auld, Co-Founder and President at Kekoa Foods

Need high-quality data? Don’t worry, Byzzer™ has the solution!

Before access to Byzzer, Kekoa Foods was having trouble convincing retailers of their value. With Byzzer™, they got the tools they needed.


Kekoa Foods uses NIQ data to understand category performance and identify opportunities within retail spaces.


They utilize sales data and promotion results meticulously to understand customer reactions and make data-driven adjustments to their marketing strategies.


The insights from these reports have helped them confidently communicate with retailers about the success and potential of their products, enhancing their market presence and strategic decisions.

Data plays a crucial role in transforming Kekoa Foods’ retail strategies.

Now,  Kekoa Foods has the power of data backing their every move. They’re able to actively identify areas of growth and opportunities to convince retailers based on what they have learned from the Byzzer™ platform. With hard numbers from credible data sources like NIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement, Kekoa Foods is taking their brand to the next level and looking toward a strong future.

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