Most Valuable Shopper

In the current hypercompetitive FMCG market, collaboration among retail and supplier partners will be vital in driving growth for both businesses. Most Valuable Shopper (MVS) delivers insights into different loyalty segments across target Canadian retailers, providing best-in-class shopper insights.


Grow stronger retailer engagement

Be the one that offers retailer partners ways to deliver more sales, higher share, and more importantly stronger engagement. MVS segmentation helps identify the biggest opportunity.

Insight into retailer shopper base
Track purchase metrics against selected categories
Leakage and cross retailer purchase drivers

Targeting shoppers based on loyalty

Most Valuable Shopper is a shopper segmentation study designed to be utilized as a collaborative tool between manufacturers and retailers that focuses on a specific retailer’s loyal and almost loyal shoppers as these groups hold the ultimate growth potential.

Key features
Key features


Increase conversions

Identify retailer customer loyalty groups and activate the group of shoppers with the largest opportunity.


Identify growth opportunities

Accurate and strategic retailer information that helps capture missed growth opportunities


Build trust with clients

Understand what categories present the largest opportunity for a retailer’s loyal and non-loyal customers, and how your brand can support that growth.

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