The more the market changes

the more you Need to Know.

Nicole Collida

Managing Director, U.S. National Accounts

Consumer Behavior with Nicole Collida

Today’s consumers are under a lot of pressure, so understanding consumer behavior as the biggest CPG Need to Know for brands looking to get ahead. 

Digging deeper, there are three top issues brands need to think about right now: 

  • Overcoming marketplace volatility
  • Gaining and maintaining brand loyalty
  •  The state of E-Commerce and Omnichannel

Stay tuned for new episodes of the Need to Know podcast to get more insight into these challenges and your biggest Consumer Behavior need to knows from our own Nicole Collida. 

Consumer Behavior Need to Know Podcast

Episode 4

Shoppers Under Pressure: Finding Stability in Change

In this episode of the Need to Know podcast, Host Nicole Collida explores the challenges faced by today’s pressured shoppers, including rising costs, limited time, and a complex marketplace. She discusses how these factors are impacting consumer behavior and explores opportunities for CPG brands to adapt and thrive. Key takeaways include the importance of understanding evolving consumer values, leveraging innovation to meet affordability needs, and building brand loyalty in a dynamic environment.

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Episode 5​

Identifying Meaningful Change in Consumer Behavior

Join our Need to Know host, Nicole Collida, for Episode 5 of the Need to Know podcast as she dives into the complex challenges brands face when trying to identify which shifting consumer behaviors are important to their brand and which ones are just a distraction. Learn more about some of the key macro and micro changes that are meaningful to shoppers in today’s marketplace and what role innovation plays when it comes to meeting the needs of key consumer segments. You don’t want to miss it.

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Episode 6 – Coming Soon​

Winning the Battle for Consumer Loyalty

Episode 7 – Coming Soon​

The Values Shopper: Fresh, Sustainable, Responsible

Last Time on Need to Know: Pricing & Promotion

In our last Need to Know poll, CPG brands agreed that building a successful Pricing and Promotion strategy can be challenging. Between inflationary pressures and shifting consumer behaviors, CPG brands have a lot to consider.

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