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The Full View of today’s tech and durables industry

NIQ and GfK together provide the world’s most comprehensive network of panels and long-term studies, tracking point-of-sale (POS) data and shopper behavior across the technology and durables industry.


Uncover new pathways to growth

This year will be challenging as consumers continue to battle economic headwinds, but there are opportunities for growth in the Tech & Durables space.

By maintaining a laser-focus on the right target audiences and creating offers that address their aspirations and pain points, brands can attract an increased share of consumer spending, even in a tough global market.

This is what global partners like Samsung, Haier, Lenovo, and more are doing – using NIQ insights, powered by GfK, to make smarter decisions with confidence.


Connect with today’s consumer

Combined with GfK’s robust T&D knowledge, NIQ offers insight into the latest trends for understanding shifting consumer expectations. Make data-led decisions to ensure you’re capitalizing on the right growth opportunities, offering the right products, and connecting through the right channels.

Move quicker than the market

With weekly, monthly, and quarterly insights across global, regional, and local markets, know which categories are selling best and what strategies you should be implementing to keep business moving forward. Find new areas for potential growth and build a presence in untapped sectors wherever you operate.

Outpace the competition

Grow your business faster than the rest with access to deep competitive knowledge, state-of-the-art trend reports, category insights, and more. Drawn from over 100,000 retail partners, 180 million tracked SKUs, and millions of consumers – data that helps you make the right strategic and tactical decisions to stay ahead and gain market share.

Global T&D Sales Revenue
Global T&D Sales Revenue


saw $813B in sales – down 2.9% from 2022


T&D revenue is forecasted to grow by +1%

Highest demand

in the Telecom and SDA sectors


One platform, total clarity.

Leverage the power of data-driven insights for better, faster decisions.

NIQ supercharges your ability to access and utilize key business intelligence across your entire organization. By interpreting market, consumer, and brand data, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your company’s performance and how it stacks up to your competition.

Built on the world’s most comprehensive point of sales data and consumer insights, enhanced with industry and data expertise – NIQ gives you the tools you need to outpace your competitors and position your company at the forefront of innovation.

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