A hand pouring glasses of BFY wine from the bottle.

The Beverage Alcohol Industry Today

The future of BevAl analytics is here

The newest challenges that BevAl brands face today in an ever-changing marketplace pose serious business risks for those unable or unwilling to take advantage of the expertise of industry experts. With new channels, market disruptions and a more fragmented consumer base with ever-more complex preferences, it can be a daunting task for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers alike.  

With insights, only NIQ can provide this latest comprehensive report, in collaboration with Beverage Alcohol experts, designed to help you drive better ROI and grow market share. Download and learn: 

  • How the BevAl industry is changing rapidly​ 
  • What impact analytics will have on the future of BevAl​ 
  • The growing role AI-led technology will play in the BevAl sector 

The report also features a new case study on the use of data analytics in the BevAl sector to help educate your team on how to utilize the right tools for success.