Welcome NACS Retailers & Suppliers

NielsenIQ’s data can help you grow your business and maximize profits. 


Retailers ​

Taking on the big convenience store chains can be tough. Your shelf space is more limited, so you need to make sure the products you carry will have an impact on your bottom line. ​

That’s where NielsenIQ comes into play! ​

Here are a few ways our data helps convenience store retailers grow: ​

  • Uncover which products are selling fastest in your market and region.​
  • See which brands are growing market share and have a higher sell-through rate.​
  • Make better decisions on which products to carry and which to avoid.​
  • Build relationships with growing brands and keep costs low.​
  • Maximize revenue with a strong product assortment.​

And that’s just scratching the surface.


As a supplier, you’re likely looking at getting your products distributed in as many retailers as possible. But, are you targeting the retailers that will drive your biggest returns?

You can with NielsenIQ! ​

Here are a few ways our data helps manufacturers grow: ​

  • Uncover growth opportunities in specific retailers and markets​
  • Identify emerging consumer trends to target​
  • Evaluate promotions and pricing to maximize returns​
  • Understand the competition and identify unserved niches​
  • Convince retailers of your brand value and trajectory
  • Find underserved niches to focus on to grow market share

NielsenIQ’s data helps suppliers build relationships, grow their market share, and increase revenue. ​

Get ready for the season opener!

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