What you need to know about the NIQ University Program


What you need to know about the NIQ University Program

At NIQ, we’re fuelled by our mission: to cultivate the next generation of trailblazers within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Introducing the NIQ University Program, an innovative initiative designed exclusively for college students across the United States and Canada. This program serves as a launchpad, kick-starting careers by equipping participants with essential industry skills and fostering unparalleled professional development. 

To learn more, we spoke to Michaela Bradshaw, Senior Program Manager, who leads this exciting initiative.

Michaela Bradshaw, Senior Program Manager

What’s the NIQ University program? 

The NIQ University Program is a 12-week introductory training in data analytics, insights, and business intelligence for undergraduate students. The program aims to remove barriers to entry amongst underrepresented groups of people by providing experiential learning, professional development, networking, and access to career opportunities within the CPG industry. What we are really proud of is that this program comes with no cost to students to make it incredibly accessible. 

What are the key factors that make the NIQ University Program a preferred choice for students interested in data insights? 

One reason that the NIQ University program is valuable for students is that active participation can immediately translate into great career opportunities. Program participants who meet eligibility requirements and indicate interest during the program will receive the opportunity to interview for an internship or full-time role with NIQ or a client partner.  

In addition to the chance to kick-start their careers, participants who complete the program receive a certificate of training to add to their achievements on their resumes and in interviews.

What sets the NIQ University Program apart from other career development programs? 

What makes NIQ University so special is that it’s not a stand-alone program for our company. Rather, it’s the beginning of our talent pipeline, which flows into our Customer Success internship program and into our full-time rotational program for recent graduates.  

NIQ is an incubator for talent, and the NIQ University Program is just phase one of that development experience. 

What are the long-term benefits of participating in the NIQ University Program for career growth and advancement? 

A key benefit we see is the opportunity for students to expand their network through interactions with industry professionals as well as with students from other universities.  

Equally, the experience of building relationships virtually while completing a case study amongst a diverse team of students, who represent varying personal, academic, and geographical backgrounds, helps participants build real-world skills and better anticipate the realities of the transition from college to their career. The connections formed and skills gained through our program offer a solid foundation for success in the professional world.