Consumption Moments

In-the-moment consumption insights to inspire product innovation and marketing strategy

Why Consumption Moments?

To drive relevance and inspire purchase decisions, marketers need to understand usage and consumption patterns for their products showcasing how they are genuinely used in everyday life.

  • Know who are your consumers and what are the reasons behind consumption by mapping the moments when products are used at home or out-of-home
  • Measure product performance across consumption occasions and take action to sway choice during critical moments, grow your business and stay relevant
  • Understand which categories and brands compete with your products for share of consumption by occasion
  • Discover white space opportunities for product innovation and positioning
  • Craft messages tailored to resonate in real-world consumer contexts
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Understand usage and consumption patterns

Only NIQ’s Consumption Moments—with its seamless intuitive data collection experience, always-on measurement, panelist-friendly interface, and precision reporting—enables you to truly understand consumption insights and motivations to see how people really behave in their everyday lives and contexts.

Key features
Key features


In-the-moment tracking

Powered by our proprietary mobile application, our platform allows for in-the-moment data collection, increasing accuracy through immediacy and ensuring real-time relevance


Unique methodology

A distinctive, fast, and cost-effective tech-enabled approach that merges the power of historical sales data with real-time human behavior


RMS alignment

Our barcode scanning functionality linked to NIQ Retail Measurement data provides a detailed SKU-level understanding of consumption moments in universal language


Depth of data

Our process uncovers consumption moments and motivations through the 6W Framework – measuring who, what, when, where, with whom and why – complemented by a custom post-diary survey for added insights.

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Get a 360-degree view of consumption. Let us help you address key business questions such as:

  • Who are consumers of your key products and categories?
  • Where, when and with whom are consumption moments happening?
  • What are the motivations behind consumption moments?

How can we help?

We know not every question has an easy answer. Tell us your unique situation or what you might need, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that makes your life easier.

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