Digital Shopper Analytics

Measure the digital shopper’s journey by navigation patterns, time spent on websites, as well as apps and purchase information.

Confused about online shopper behavior?

Extract insights from online shoppers’ web browsing habits across a variety of devices and platforms to deliver easily understandable insights and actionable recommendations.

  • Employ cross-device measurement
  • Utilize user-friendly dashboards
  • Extract activities conducted by shoppers

Discover the digital path to purchase

The sustained surge in online shopping requires retailers and manufacturers to understand shoppers in the e-commerce world. Unlike clickstream files, NielsenIQ Digital Shopper is structured, efficient, and provides simple yet comprehensive dashboards. By pairing all this with insights that uncover authentic consumer behaviors, your business can realize valuable recommendations to make future decisions more confidently.

Key features
Key features


e-retail intel

Uncover a retailers’ competitive position in the online world from the shoppers’ point of view with quantifiable category exploration and product evaluation.


Navigation patterns

Understand the navigation of online shoppers by knowing what they searched for and viewed in the past and present.


Basket level data

Analyze online purchase baskets based on included products, purchase value, and common cross-category purchase patterns.


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