Market Structure & Consumer Decision Tree

Identify the drivers of shopper purchasing beyond the core purpose to reveal broader, actionable patterns.

Seeing beyond behavior to the pattern

Manufacturers and retailers must understand how shoppers purchase to pinpoint opportunities for growth. Discover how different product attributes, brands, benefits, and types impact shopper purchasing behaviors across categories.

  • Develop and promote products effectively
  • Obtain relevant, actionable next steps
  • Identify areas for innovation and growth

Close the gaps in your portfolio

Market Structure offers a robust, representative view of your assortment through powerful NielsenIQ data—including our unmatched Homescan panel data—and category-specific consumer transactional data. Leverage findings from attribute coding, behavioral mapping, and asymmetric stress to find key patterns and implement the right resets to drive success.

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[TK — NEED IMAGE THIS IS PLACEHOLDER FOR THIS TEXT] Successful restages are more likely to have utilized upfront research before redesigning 41% of shoppers will continue to purchase a product because of its design.

Key features
Key features


Industry-leading data

Combine NielsenIQ Homescan panel data with key third-party transactional information.



Influence assortment through the granular data available across numerous categories and highly detailed product characteristics.


Purchase-based framework

Determine how shoppers truly purchase in your category through NielsenIQ’s holistic approach, built on the strongest data foundation.

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