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Actionable Data for Plant-Based Brands of All Sizes

As consumer awareness and interest continue to grow, plant-based as a marketing/packaging claim is showing up more and more.  

In fact, NielsenIQ shows a 72% growth in food and beverage items carrying the ‘plant-based’ claim over the last 3 years (+11% vs YA).  

 The top categories where plant-based as a claim is showing up are: 

  • Grocery Beverages (+300% vs 3YA)  
  • Dairy Eggs (+2400%)  
  • Grocery Diet & Nutrition (+41%) 
  • Grocery Salty Snacks (+90%) 
  • Frozen Desserts (+137%). 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep track of all the data you need to grow your market share in this competitive market. NielsenIQ offers a range of plant-based attribute reports and consumer panel data to give you full coverage insight into the plant-based market. You can even see the brands you are up against at Whole Foods, Amazon, and 1000+ more markets all at one low cost. 

The right data can turn your plant-based claims into profit-based ones! Visit our Total Wellness Hub for wellness attributes and product claim insights. 

See NielsenIQ Data in Action

Whether you exclusively sell plant-based products or are looking into particular attributes or claims, NielsenIQ data can give you a leg up. Let us show you how it works and how you can use the data to stay ahead of the competition.  

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The Download on Plant-Based!

To lead a category, you need to understand it. We have you covered with our complimentary download of the plant-based trends.

The Pulse of Plant-Based!

The plant-based market is worth $9.7 billion. Download our free report for insights into the fast-growing plant-based food market.

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