A four-part webinar series

Gen AI is transforming the FMCG industry, and you can lead your organization through the revolution. Join NIQ as we dive into the knowledge and skills needed to influence your CPG brand’s winning AI-strategy.

Part I: Understanding AI
Thursday, May 23rd, 12:30 EST

In this first webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Core AI concepts to build your foundational understanding of the technology and its potential
  • Where generative AI is currently being leveraged within retail and CPG organizations
  • What is important to understand when assessing your own company’s position on generative AI
  • Why AI is critical to CPG growth and personal career development

Yemi Owolewa and Mark Flynn both sit on NIQ’s Gen AI Working Committee, helping clients to navigate their Gen AI journeys with Advisory, Enablement, Testing and Solutions services and support.

Mark Flynn

SVP, Product for NIQ BASES

Mark has spent his career pioneering methods for applying various forms of AI and Machine Learning to market research. At NIQ, Mark and his team focus on ways AI can transform consumer survey-based analytics.

Yemi Owolewa

Head of NIQ Customer Success & Insights, North America

Yemi has deep experience in growth strategy, organizational transformation and continuous improvement across his experiences in management consulting and global CPGs. At NIQ, Yemi and his team focus on creating actionable insights to help NIQ clients identify new pathways to growth amid a rapidly evolving CPG marketplace.

Better yet, are you looking to disrupt the FMCG industry with AI?

We are at an inflection point. There are those who will go all in on AI to revolutionize the market, and there are those that will fall behind. It’s more important than ever that you understand exactly what AI is and what it means for your personal brand.

Part 1

The foundation of all successful AI-strategies is an understanding of the technology and its capabilities. Join NIQ as we share what you need to know about AI today to deliver growth, tomorrow.

Part 2

You know what AI is, and what it isn’t. But how can you best use it to make your life easier and your work faster? Or to make your customers’ experiences better? Learn how to use Gen AI responsibly and efficiently.

Part 3

Why stop at using AI when you can influence how the technology is made? Join us as we reveal strategies for cross-functional execution and the partners you need to deliver better, faster solutions.

Part 4

Hear from a panel of AI-experts on how they stay current with the latest advancements and influence positive change across their organizations and industries. Walk away with concrete next steps for bringing accurate AI solutions to your team.

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