Innovation Vitality: Webinar

Do your innovations have the power to endure? Learn which growth factors matter most among top innovators in our upcoming webinar, “Mastering vitality: Driving innovation growth in Year 2 and beyond.”

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Brands that grow innovation sales are twice as likely to grow overall sales. Yet only 7% of companies are capitalizing on this competitive advantage. How can they attain stronger Innovation Vitality, delivering sustained growth in Year 2 and beyond?  

In this session, we’ll share the findings from our latest analyses powered by NIQ BASES Innovation Measurement. From distribution to innovation quantity versus quality, we’ll reveal the critical factors that drive growth among top innovators. Learn why early post-launch monitoring matters and how to translate performance data into a compelling story for retailers. You’ll leave this session equipped to transform your product development approach, resulting in innovations that endure. 

Mike Jones

VP, Client Development

NIQ BASES Specialty Sales

Michael (Mike) Jones is Senior Vice-President – BASES Innovation Measurement systems (a specialty practice of NielsenIQ) where he and his teams provide C-level consultancy, strategic planning and SaaS solutions to multi-national Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retailer clients. Over the past 12 years at BASES he has held General Management accountability for strategic growth verticals in retail, restaurants, alcoholic beverage manufacturers, financial services, media/technology/telecommunications, hospitality/travel, life-sciences, and durables clients.

Aritra Kanjilal

Director, Analytics Commercialization

NIQ BASES Product & Tech

Aritra Kanjilal, Director at NIQ BASES Product Leadership, possesses a unique blend of strategic foresight and analytical acumen developed through a solid academic grounding in Statistics. He is the Product Lead for an AI-enabled platform that empowers clients to monitor & manage the performance of their new launches, benchmark against competition, and glean actionable insights. Alongside his professional accomplishments, Aritra also plays a pivotal role in promoting LGBT+ inclusion, serving as the APAC Pride ERG Lead for NIQ and being recognized as an OUTstanding Global Top 5 LGBT+ Future Leader in 2022.

Julie Dellert

VP, Product Leadership

NIQ BASES Product & Tech

Julie Dellert, Vice President of NIQ BASES Product Leadership, has dedicated her career to advancing innovation, shaping brand strategies, and creating cutting-edge analytics and services that boost marketing efficacy and efficiency. With a solid academic foundation in mathematics and marketing, coupled with a deep passion for human behavior and art, Julie seamlessly blends creativity, analytical prowess, and empathy in her role. As a member of the Product Leadership team at NIQ BASES, she consistently develops pioneering products that drive success and growth. 


July 23, 2024

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

July 23, 2024

Asia Pacific

July 23, 2024

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