NIQ BASES Roadshow Creative Product AI

The next generation of Product Optimization: Register now for the event 

Date: Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th of February


Date: February 28-29, 2024 
Time: 3 slots available: 

  • Wednesday the 28th of February at 15:30 CET 
  • Thursday the 29th of February at 10:30 CET 
  • Thursday the 29th of February at 16:00CET 


Are you ready to discover a new way to discover and optimize product formulations leveraging cutting edge AI technology? Using over 100 models and algorithms, BASES Creative Product AI enables you to discover new, novel, and highly liked products, quickly, and cost-effectively.  

Why you can’t miss this. 

Engage in conversations to uncover how to enhance your research return-on-investment by discovering a new way to enhance your product testing process. 

What’s in store for you. 

This event is designed for those seeking a deeper understanding without flashy hype. Expect thought-provoking discussions, case-studies, and a relaxed atmosphere conducive to networking—all accompanied by a cup of coffee and some cake.  


Meet your brilliant hosts 

Jackie Tarran

VP Global Growth Product & Sensory Optimization 

Jackie is at the forefront of Product & Sensory Optimization, re-inventing and shaping client’s innovation strategies across the world thanks to her +35 years of experience in the field. She has developed new, agile, industry leading solutions to revolutionize Product and Sensory testing of products with new methodologies  that deliver products in the market faster and stronger than ever before.

Giorgio Goglio

EU regional lead, Product Development   

With 17 years of global experience in product and innovation research, Giorgio has conducted studies across diverse categories such as Beverages, Sweets, Coffee, Tea, Confectionary, Dairy, Ready Meals, Home care, Supplements, Spirits, and even Automotive. His methodology expertise spans from mainstream to niche consumer research, encompassing product development, benchmarking consumer tests, Preference Mapping, and forecasting for grocery store categories.  

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