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What’s Next in Wellness


How is your business preparing for 2024?

The 2024 edition of our much-anticipated wellness webinar is back! Are you doing enough to meet the evolving needs of wellness-focused consumers in this inflation economy?

Hear what Sherry Frey, VP of Wellness at NielsenIQ and Brandon Galindo, SVP of Product Insights and Total Wellness at NielsenIQ had to say about how you and your brand can prepare for 2024.


Sherry Frey

Vice President of Wellness

Brandon Galindo

Senior Vice President Product Insights and Total Wellness 

What you will learn in this session

Topics that our experts discussed include:

  • How consumers are approaching healthy living across Food and Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care, and Pet Categories
  • How trends move across the store
  • What behavioral changes manufacturers and retailers can expect in an inflationary climate
  • What forces will continue to shape the health priorities of shoppers
  • The top wellness trends to watch in 2024.

Curious to see what you missed? 

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