How Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving in 2022


How Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving in 2022

  • New NielsenIQ survey data shows that celebrations this year will be small, local, more expensive, and casual.

Consumers plan to stay local and small this Thanksgiving

In a recent NielsenIQ survey, 91% of consumers indicated they are planning on celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving this year with a majority (83%) either staying at home (59%) or local (24%) (within 50 miles of their home).

More than 50% of consumers surveyed noted that their gathering size range will be less than 10 people.

Consumers are putting comfort first.

During this year’s Thanksgiving celebration, 24% of respondents indicated they planned to dress up, while the remaining 76% plan to put their comfort first, wearing adjustable pants or sweatpants.

How consumers are budgeting this year

  • 41% of consumers surveyed expect to spend more on this year’s Thanksgiving meal than last year.
  • Close to 75% of consumers surveyed plan on spending under $200 on this year’s Thanksgiving meal.
  • 1 in 4 noted that they are planning on spending within the range of $50–$75.
  • 68% of consumers surveyed will be adjusting their Thanksgiving spending as prices continue to rise.

Meal cost-saving strategies


Stated they would consider buying a smaller turkey


Stated they would have a smaller gathering


Stated they would buy less prepared items and make more items from scratch


Stated they would have less side dishes


Stated they would have less dessert options


Stated they would cut out alcohol


Stated they would buy more canned or frozen vegetables


Stated they would buy fewer fresh vegetables


Stated they would eat at a restaurant

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