Decoding HER: The Power of the Canadian Woman in CPG


Decoding HER: The Power of the Canadian Woman in CPG

Women are a huge influence in the Canadian marketplace. More than half the population identify as a woman, and this group of the population offers a diverse and unique voice.  

In this deep dive, NIQ experts unpack insights from our recent webinar series to help you understand what’s driving women and how you can connect with them today.   

A woman’s lifestyle

From sustainability to living healthy, Canadian women are always looking to enhance their day-to-day lives for the better:

  • 49% of Canadian women say they are taking active steps to improve health and wellness – with only 2% saying they aren’t concerned about this part of their lives
  • Consider: How to ease concerns around the effects of mental health, stress, and other health problems like weight gain
  • The importance of living sustainably also resonates with this group – 34% of women are buying more sustainable products now than 5 years ago
    • This includes reusable bags, refillable water bottles, and purchasing chemical-free products

Women’s Health & Wellness: Actively improving and looking to do more

A balancing act

Canadian women carry multiple responsibilities every day – and are far more likely than men to care for children and/or adults:

  • Women from minority communities feel the weight of this pressure most. 65% of black women care for kids vs. 46% when it comes to the average woman. 56% of Chinese Canadian women care for adults vs. 42% for the average woman.
  • Rates of women working outside of the home continue to grow – but women are less likely than men to hold full time employment
  • When they do work, a resounding barrier persists: The Gender Pay Gap. Even as more Canadian women enter the workforce, a pay gap of ~10% remains

Women are less likely to hold a full-time employment position vs. men

How women spend money

Canadian women hold great spending potential, but where this potential lies varies by group:

  • Households with retired and full-time employed women hold the strongest influence in the marketplace, but shopping habits vary
  • Retired women shop most often and hold the highest amount of yearly spend, while full-time employed with kids shop least
  • Overall, household with women index higher in categories like chocolate, cheese, and candy confections

Note the distinction in shopping behaviour of households with different women groups

Households with retired and full-time employed women influence Canadian marketplace the most, but their shopping habits vary: the retired group shops the most often and is the highest in yearly spend, full-time employed with kids shops the least often

How to connect with Canadian women

From top shopping channels to where your brand is most likely to influence Canadian women, here’s how you can best connect with this group:

  • Women are more than likely to leverage online grocery options like click-and-collect
  • When in-store shopping, women prioritize current deals, location, and value for money
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top platforms to reach women – consider these in your social strategies

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the top platforms to reach women

Women with children working full-time show a higher engagement on Instagram and Facebook compared to men. Interestingly, the unemployed lead on Pinterest. When it comes to ethnic breakdown, we find that Black individuals are more likely to use WhatsApp, YouTube, and LinkedIn. On the other hand, Chinese individuals are active on WhatsApp, X, Reddit, and WeChat.

Want to learn more?

To better reach Canadian women in today’s marketplace, get a deep dive by catching up on our recent webinar Decoding Her – available on-demand now.