Navigating Wellness: What are the forces steering healthy shopper journeys beyond the table?


Navigating Wellness: What are the forces steering healthy shopper journeys beyond the table?

  • The latest report form NIQ Brandbank examines the crucial role brands and retailers play in encouraging healthy eating amongst their shoppers and the implications of this cultural shift. 

Beyond the table

There is a growing consciousness about health and wellness in the FMCG landscape. Shoppers are increasingly prioritizing nutritious choices and seeking products that align with their many and varied health need states. Meanwhile, legislators are directing attention to the role of the FMCG industry in encouraging healthy eating.

National Nutrition Month® takes place once a year and is a great time for FMCG industry players to carefully consider the part they play in influencing shoppers to choose healthier foods – and look at what more they could do.

However, with health and wellness growing in the public consciousness, savvy brands and retailers know healthy eating is more than a one-month campaign – it should be top of the agenda. They are working to stay ahead of the pack by meeting a plethora of new healthy eating need states, such as boosting protein or avoiding ultra-processed foods.

This new report from NIQ Brandbank looks at the implications of this cultural shift for FMCG brands and retailers.

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The report also offers actions brands and retailers can take to help shoppers make healthier choices and enhance the shopping experience, including:

The value of supporting shopper health journeys 

There are a variety of market forces and consumer preferences that make supporting shoppers’ nutritional choices imperative in today’s FMCG landscape. From movements like “food as medicine” and social responsibility to higher demand for personalization and regulatory requirements, it behoves brands and retailers to invest in the tools that help them monitor shopper health journeys.  

The importance of identifying health attributes 

An important step to supporting shoppers on their health journeys: ensuring products are “discoverable” online. If products aren’t tagged or associated with the attributes consumers are looking for on the path to purchase, shoppers will struggle to find what they need, when they need it.  

The importance of clear and accurate labelling and enhanced product information 

Avoid misleading shoppers with confusing or inaccurate labelling. Brands must ensure labels and product information are realistic and that product content is enhanced, consistent across channels and elevates the shopper journey.