See the power of the Asian American beauty buyer 


See the power of the Asian American beauty buyer 

From purchasing power to skincare knowledge, Asian Americans hold strong influence in the beauty space. In fact, they spend 18% more per year than the average buyer. They’re a rapidly growing group of the U.S. population and show no signs of cutting back on beauty spending.

In honor of AANHPI month, we’re uncovering the trends that drive Asian American beauty buyers to help you tap into this vibrant, thriving, and powerful group of consumers.

Here’s how they’re spending

Asian Americans skew younger, more educated, and more affluent compared to the average American – holding a higher level of spending potential. They’re highly engaged and in touch with the beauty space, but how are they spending exactly? 

Asian Americans are a growing population and skew younger, more educated, and more affluent than the average American.

17.8 MM

Asian adults in the U.S.

The population has nearly doubled since 2000.


Median age of Asian American adults

The average is 47 for all U.S. adults


Of Asian Americans have a Bachelor’s degree or higher

Compared with 32% of all U.S.


Of Asian Americans live in multigenerational households

Compared to 19% of total Americans


Is the median income for Asian Americans

Compared to 61,800 for total Americans

Across most categories, Asian American beauty buyers outpace other groups. The fastest growing categories for this buyer are deodorant +31.7%, fragrance +20.6%, and hair care +14.6%.  

While we know they’re highly engaged members of the beauty community, the highest levels of engagement can be observed in facial skincare, fragrance, and hand/body lotion. This is true both online and in-store. 

While all facial skincare categories resonate with this group, moisturizers top the rankings with a massive +$53.51 difference in spend rate vs. the average buyer. It’s a key segment for this group of the population. 

Where are they shopping? 

Given the importance Asian Americans place on skincare, they seek the best brands – at the best price. They’re likely to shop in club and department store channels, Sephora, or Target, outlets that offer the right brands but consider value. 

When it comes to online spending, Asian American shoppers are leading the charge, including in both dollar spend and number of trips. This is likely due to their preference for trying new products, new brands, or seeking exclusive lines. 

AAPI consumers outpace total US customers in all Face segments, most heavily in moisturizers

Facial Skin Care SegmentsBuy Rate of Asian AmericansDifference over Total US
Skin Appliances$74.00+$30.44
Eye Skin Care$59.78+$15.08
Cleanser wipe$16.26+$2.02

Understand this key consumer 

The Asian American beauty buyer is a highly engaged consumer in the beauty space – and they’re willing to spend. Brands and retailers have an opportunity to grasp success with this segment by understanding where and how they shop.  

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