Explore market nuances in health needs to unlock rewarding habits


Explore market nuances in health needs to unlock rewarding habits

In the coming year, success in health-focused marketing will rest on truly understanding consumers’ specific health and wellness priorities. The difference between developing products that resonate with consumers and those that fall to the wayside on their evolving wellness journeys will rest on knowing what the drivers of healthy decision-making will be.

These nuances differ by market and by consumer segment, requiring a granular focus on the motivating factors that propel shoppers to feel the necessity to buy a product.

Healthy living means different things to different consumers

The importance of good health has shifted. No longer just a priority for individuals wanting a long and healthy life, it’s become a foundational necessity of society and our economies—to manage spiraling health budgets, ensure optimal workplace productivity, and ensure a healthier environment as we go about our daily lives.

Some consumers have made the concerted effort to fully invest in their well-being journey, embracing preventative measures and making active decisions to consistently support their health. Others take a more reactive approach, looking for guidance only in times of need. There are also those who uphold a squarely passive approach to managing their health, not specifically prioritizing their wellbeing. Understanding the specific disposition and path that your consumers are on and aligning the correct messaging to reach them is key.

Identify the catalysts to consumer change

A wealth of factors come into play when a consumer is determining whether they truly need to buy a product or not. Gauging consumer sentiment around a few key questions can illuminate a world of understanding into health priorities, motivating factors, and drivers of change.

  • What health needs are most important to consumers today?
    Explore by market how consumers have prioritized their hierarchy of total health and wellness needs.
  • What health-related actions or decisions have made their way into consumers’ daily routines?
    Dissect the unique nuances and priorities of well-being regimens around the world—from sleep to exercise and even long-term factors such as the interest in aging well.
  • What factors have become more important considerations to well-being?
    Anticipate what personal or societal factors will drive consumers to refocus their approach to health and wellness.
  • What role will technology play in consumers’ health-focused journeys?
    Identify the ways in which consumers are willing to experiment, expand, or supplement their health horizons with technology.

Our discovery ground for total health and wellness needs allows you to compare similarities and differences across the critical questions outlined above. Explore this interactive dashboard to identify which factors might be the catalyst for health-focused change within or across 17 unique markets.

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