New year, new content: Beauty social trends to watch in 2022


New year, new content: Beauty social trends to watch in 2022

In 2021, $25.9 billion of U.S. beauty and personal care sales came from online purchases, a 27% increase from the year before according to NielsenIQ Omnishopper Panel; inarguably, social media is crucial for online success. As high emotions subside, an air of renewed excitement is descending across social media. We are still a long way from a sense of normalcy, but NielsenIQ Connected Partner Pcsso observes a shift in consumer sentiment across social media beauty trends. User-generated content shows that beauty consumers are hungry for recovery and celebrating a return to a more normal life.

Pcsso, a visual search engine, presents an exclusive look at which cosmetic trends –  along with the fashion trends that complement and inspire them – are in and which are out.  

Put down the tie-dye and break out the sequins  

Fewer consumers want to wear what they wore in 2020. They have a future-forward outlook and want to begin living their lives and expressing themselves more freely. Across social media platforms, Pcsso observes users are:  

  • Moving away from Totally Natural looks (+2.6% growth compared to last year) 
  • Embracing Enhanced Natural looks (+81.4% growth compared to last year) 
  • Turning to Glam Natural looks (+54.7% growth compared to last year)  

NielsenIQ NPI Label Insight online search data reflects the increased popularity of natural looks coupled with dressing up seen across social media. Search volume for the term “Dewy” increased 24% compared to last year while “Glittery appearance” increased 3%, and search volume for the terms “sparkles/sparkling” jumped +11%. 

Pcsso also predicts there will be a 45% increase to Classic Glam looks in 2022. Across social, consumers are championing the transformative power of confidence, one face beat at a time. 

Social media beauty trends by fashion type.

About Pcsso

To better understand your consumers and peers, Pcsso’s A.I. precisely measures and forecasts makeup, skincare, hair, and fashion trends by watching what products consumers are wearing and sharing. Identify catalog gaps and explore popularity for looks, styles, packaging, brand rankings events, ingredients product types, and more for the U.S., European, Korean, and Japanese markets. 


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PCSSO Visual Search  

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