Boost your e-commerce growth in India 


Boost your e-commerce growth in India 

E-commerce in India continues to grow and is becoming an inevitable reality in today’s market. The pandemic accelerated the growth of online; however, the industry is constantly evolving with shifts in consumer preferences and new players entering the market. To find growth and optimize your online strategy, you need the most comprehensive and Full View of the e-commerce landscape in India. 

Get the Full View™ to win in e-commerce

With the continuous online growth seen in both food and non-food categories, we are seeing new consumer trends and behaviors emerge in the Indian CPG space.  For manufacturers and retailers, understanding the trends shaping the e-commerce industry is now critical for survival. From gaining insight into the current market share in the online landscape to planning assortment and pricing strategies to meet the demands of the online consumer, tailoring one’s approach to online requirements is a must.  

Introducing the NIQ E-commerce Suite of solutions for India, which is designed to empower manufacturers and retailers with actionable data that offers a Full View™ of the continuously evolving online market. With NIQ’s E-commerce Measurement Service, you can now access estimation-free electronic point of sales (ePos) data from our expanding network of cooperating retailers for the most granular view of your market sales and share. At the same time, you can complement it with shopper-focused analytics from our Foxintelligence panel, comprising over 350K consumers in India, to create rounded growth strategies that truly address your online business needs across a host of industries like FMCG, food delivery, consumer electronics, fashion, events, travel, and many more. 

Key benefits of our e-commerce suite of solutions 

  • Understand your market share and market sizing within the e-commerce channel. 
  • Identify key competitors to make real-time tactical changes to your online strategy. 
  • Gain value, volume, and unit information for pricing trends. 
  • Understand shopper preferences and get a comprehensive view of the shopper journey to help decode lapsers, new trialists, and retainers to help support your communication and brand planning. 
  • Build your own specific customer segmentations based on purchase behavior, socio-demographics, or consumer interests and understand how these audiences behave differently. 
  • Enhance trade discussions with online partners by leveraging key account and brand data visibility. 

Powering the future of e-commerce

Optimizing your e-commerce strategy can be quite a challenge in India. You need the most complete online view from both the market and consumer perspective to find growth within this highly competitive market. The below infographic highlights some emerging trends for online and what businesses need to expand their e-commerce footprint in India. 

Discover new opportunities and future-proof your e-commerce growth strategies 

Get the most accurate online market share, consumer trends, and market sizing with NIQ’s e-commerce suite of solutions. 

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