Christmas in inflationary times 2022


Christmas in inflationary times 2022

Christmas is one of the most important holidays celebrated in Europe.  This Christmas is particularly special as COVID-19 restrictions have been eased and  consumers have the freedom to move. Yet, they are cautious and constrained in their spending.

What’s special about this Christmas?

Will European consumers maintain the same Christmas routine this year  or will rising inflation drive  significant changes in preparations, gift choices, and event planning?

What led to the cautious outlook?

Increasing costs of grocery, fuel, and electricity have led consumers to change their shopping priorities and preferences.

What are the expectations around Christmas?

Consumers look forward to the Christmas holidayw to spend quality  time with their families, friends, and relatives. They start planning Christmas menus and  shopping for their near and dear ones. Retailers and manufacturers prepare for exclusive Christmas offers and plan for Christmas-related in-store equipment, POSM, and etc.

NielsenIQ Christmas study

Stay updated on evolving consumer behavior, changing priorities, and expectations with our new syndicated NielsenIQ Christmas study.

10 key topics covered in the report

  1. Xmas sentiment: How do shoppers feel about this Christmas?
  2. Xmas traditions: Will it be more about cooking at home & celebrating with family? Or will it be more about traveling, visiting Xmas markets?
  3. Expenditure: How much will the shopper spend for celebrating at home versus OOH?
  4. Inflation: Will inflation have an effect on Xmas purchases? Will shoppers consider cheaper brands? Will they look for promotions? Will they switch brands? Will they reduce the basket size?
  5. Premium: Will they still consider premium products or focus more on basics? Which features define a “premium” product?
  6. In-store visits: What would drive shoppers to make in-store visits? Special Promotions/Christmas atmosphere/sections with exclusive Christmas products? Or will it be an increased number of Christmas packages (product combinations)?
  7. Promotions: What kind of promotions would drive purchase during this Xmas?
  8. Gifting: What are the main  categories and channels (physical – online – specialized)? What is the most important feature for selecting a bundle pack?
  9. Black Friday/CyberMonday: Will shoppers plan purchases around these events?


7,600 Online interviews, Sample: 1,000 per country, except Greece and Portugal n=800

Target audience

18-65 years old responsible for grocery shopping,

Markets covered

Germany, Greece, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania.

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