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An inside look at European small and medium FMCG business in 2023


An inside look at European small and medium FMCG business in 2023

  • Curious about the untapped potential for small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the European FMCG sector?
  • In our latest comprehensive survey report, you’ll hear directly from small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. 
  • Download the report to learn more about how small and medium European businesses are dealing with today’s challenges and how they can manage future risks. 

An inside look at the world of SMBs

The FMCG landscape has transformed for small and medium-sized brands looking to expand their growth. The route to broad retail distribution is no longer straightforward, so businesses are grappling with significant questions concerning the potential risks, obstacles, and prospects for advancement within the realm of small and medium-sized FMCG enterprises.  

Our recent report aims to shed light on these intricacies by delving into the business landscape, uncovering existing hurdles, and sharing pathways to growth. 

In this report, you will find:    

  • Comparative analysis of challenges and future risks faced by emerging businesses versus their mid-sized counterparts. 
  • Insights into the different distribution approaches for SMBs, with a spotlight on the ever-evolving business environment. 
  • An exploration of winning pricing strategies, promotional tactics, and data utilization. 
  • Perspectives, gleaned directly from SMBs,  howpricing precision and product value are tightly linked with consumer perceptions of small enterprises. 

Read this report and learn about SMB business challenges in Europe and develop resilient growth strategies.

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