Webinar: How CPG Brands Can Capture the Full Potential with Today’s Omnishopper - NIQ

Webinar: How CPG Brands Can Capture the Full Potential with Today’s Omnishopper


Webinar: How CPG Brands Can Capture the Full Potential with Today’s Omnishopper

In today’s marketplace, consumers are opting to make purchases across online and in-store. But, many emerging and growth brands aren’t accurately tracking their business across channels.

So, why does this matter and what does this mean for your bottom line?


Learn about omnichannel tracking and why it matters

Are you capturing your brand’s omnichannel growth potential? More than one in five (22%) shoppers now plan an in-store shopping trip combined with a prior online order. If you aren’t accurately separating these numbers to understand how you’ve capitalized the online and in-store channels, you’ll be missing out on valuable insights.

And that means missing out on potential growth!

Join Daniel Perez, Vice President of Consumer Intelligence at NielsenIQ as he compares online and in-store sales trends in high- growth potential categories and share tips for how you can begin to shape a more efficient omnichannel strategy. 

In the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What omnichannel data means and why it matters;
  • How to break out omnichannel consumer behavior;
  • How to use the data to build a stronger growth plan



About the speakers

Scott Kubik
Vice President, Omni Solutions North America

Scott Kubik leads NielsenIQ’s Omni Solutions North America sales team. The NIQ Omni Solutions sales team enables its partners to understand dollar sales and shares, consumer behavior and market segmentation across all points of consumer interaction, in store and online. Working across all product verticals, with manufactures and retailers, Scott and his team provide the insights needed for the full product cycle, from development to market execution. Scott has been with NielsenIQ since 2006.

Daniel Perez
Vice President, Consumer Intelligence

Daniel Perez is a bicultural executive with a background in leading high-performing teams for NielsenIQ with retailers and global manufacturers. He currently serves as VP of Consumer Intelligence, driving overall portfolio strategy for new business verticals. Prior to this role, he led the commercial launch of Omnisales and Omnishopper right after creating NIQ’s first Omnichannel App.



Ready to dive into omnichannel data?

Understanding the way your brand is performing across channels is more important than ever. If your competition is capitalizing the market faster than you are, you may never catch up.

Don’t act blindly – get data-driven insights today!