2023 State of Home Care innovation

The innovation imperative in Home Care

NIQ BASES has seen time and time again that innovations are crucial to brand success, across all FMCG categories. Home Care is no different.

If you bring something new to the table, you create conversations. New products, with a fresh face and unique attributes, catch the consumer’s eye and garner interest. As such, those companies that invest in innovations can overtake their competitors and achieve incremental brand growth.

In our analysis, you’ll discover how innovations have impacted the Home Care space, dive into Laundry Care and Household Care, explore Home Care activity by market, and learn about the consumer trends moving the category forward.

What’s inside?

Our full Home Care analysis offers:

  • A more nuanced look at Home Care and its sub-categories Laundry Care and Household Care
  • Detailed market data across all three categories for the following geographies: US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain
  • A breakdown of innovation performance across categories
  • Insights into consumer opinions and what buyers look for in Home Care
  • Innovation trends in new home care product launches
  • Examples of Home Care innovations that have significantly contributed to their manufacturer’s sales growth

The 2023 Home Care Analysis

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