BASES Store Choice Drivers

Measure brand strength to drive trips & clicks

What is BASES
Store Choice Drivers?

The way consumers decide where to shop has changed. Emotional connections are more important, sensitivity to price has hit an all time high, yet shoppers will go out of their way to get what they want (for the right price.) Retailers that capitalize on these trends are being rewarded with not only loyalty, but advocacy. The Store Choice Drivers study helps you understand these shifts so you can earn store visits and win customers.

The latest edition measures equity for 100+ retailers spanning Brick & Mortar, e-Commerce, and Convenience channels. More specifically, the study focuses on what retailers need to do in order to win in a changing retailer context. 

Equity benchmarks

for 100+ CPG retailers nationwide​

Areas to invest

to win back trips or clicks

Research directly

linked to shopping outcomes

Key benefits

Win back trips and grow brand relevance

By understanding which areas – such as pricing, assortment, store environment and/or customer service – you should seek to influence

Understand your retail brand equity

See how it measures up against the competition

What you’ll receive

  • Every subscription includes cloud-based access to the reporting tool and a high-level summary of annual trends​
  • All subscriptions include 10 user access IDs and a trended report with high-level insights

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