It’s any new to the world idea. It could be a new product, service, advancement, method or process. Simply put, it’s doing something you haven’t done before.

Innovating in retail is more important than ever. Shoppers engage with products, services, and retailers in ways that were never before possible. From the rise of new in-store experiences to expanded store-within-a-store offerings and the ever-growing role of e-commerce and omnichannel, knowing where to invest to drive growth can feel daunting.

With a range of best-in-class research technologies, a global footprint and a dedication to predictive analytics, we are uniquely positioned to help retailers advance their innovation efforts.

• Why do shoppers choose your store?

• When shopping a department, do they see other retailers doing a better job than you?  

• How big can an initiative be for your store? How does a new innovation interact with your current shelf set?

• How do those innovations stack up against those offered by your competitors? 

Learn directly from your shoppers at every stage of the innovation process and receive strategic direction, with a tactical roadmap to win in each department.

• Do your marketing efforts resonate with your shopper?

• What is the optimal mix of promotional items in your circulars or weekly ads to drive shoppers to your store?

• Do you need to quickly screen holiday or event marketing ideas?

NIQ BASES’ proprietary machine-learning technology makes your best ideas or messages even better and our agile screening solutions identify your highest performing marketing concepts.

• Are you exploring how to best develop exclusive brands or products for your stores? 

• What package designs, line offerings and price points are shoppers most willing to consider?

NIQ BASES’ predictive analytics identifies and optimizes your own brand offerings before launching with your shoppers.

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