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Opportunity Spaces

Looking for brand growth opportunities?

Our predictive frameworks uncover the drivers of brand choice and identify consumers unmet needs. Rooted in comprehensive causal quantitative models our solutions pinpoint white spaces in the market landscape that your brand can capitalize on.

What is the hierarchy of brand drivers? NIQ BASES Opportunity Spaces  uncovers emotional, functional, brand image and price drivers, so you learn what truly speaks to consumers.

Then segment these drivers among consumer target groups, and identify the role each driver plays in decision-making.

Finally, AI-powered Bayesian networks & causal modeling reveals the connections between drivers, enabling you to craft optimized communication strategies.

Assess how your brands perform in a competitive context. What are your strengths and gaps vs. competitors, and how well do brands deliver on the benefits that matter to consumers?

Continue your deep-dive into the competitive landscape: how well do brands fit with specific occasions and/or formats? Are there any barriers?

Also look at packaging: how does your design stack up against the competition. Does it drive brand equity?

Gauge which unmet needs hold the most potential for growth and prioritize the best disruptive ideas and trends. Develop your brand empowered by these insights, and secure growth.

Next focus on categories: do consumers give you permission to stretch into new categories? What are the barriers for non-users?

Can you find incremental usage occasions in a new category? Do consumers expect new benefits? Learn in which categories consumers are most likely to purchase your brand.

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