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Packaging delivers significant ROI when executed effectively, but 9 out of 10 redesigns fail to make a meaningful difference in market. NIQ BASES is committed to helping brands develop more powerful packaging utilizing survey, eye-tracking and proprietary EEG research. We understand the pack’s performance across the shopper’s full journey (not at just one or two steps) by utilizing non-conscious and conscious measures which uncovers what packs will have true potential in market and any areas for optimization.

By incorporating our state-of-the-art Neuro capabilities with gold-standard BASES forecasting, we can predict the potential of the pack in market.

Great packaging starts with a strong design brief. A consistent mis-step for new pack designs is solving for the “wrong” problem. By understanding the existing strengths and weakness of the pack (relative to the category) teams’ can ensure new designs address true shopper weaknesses.

NIQ BASES Pack Audit evaluates your packaging along with 11 category packs to fully analyze where your packaging stands in market and where competitive weaknesses lay. Additional brand cue and visual equity research reveal what assets are owned and should be protected.

Poor or absent pack screener research results in sub-standard packs being brought into validation research and potential “game changing” packs being discarded. Shopper screener research solves this central issue of the design process by combining broader creative exploration and objective, market-driven prioritization of designs

Designs developed using NIQ BASES Pack ID achieve validation success 70% of the time compared to the industry average 50% validation success rate

Let shoppers help you identify and optimize potential pack design prior to shelf validation using BASES Pack ID.

By validating new packs on shelf via EEG and survey research you can be assured to have a full view of the pack performance prior to launch. Proprietary BASES Pack Sales Potential utilizes the best in class BASES Model to predict the impact of the new pack on volume in market.

Dedicated global network of Design researchers and Neuroscientist PhD highlight not just the what but also the why. Gain insight from our over 100 years of combined senior pack experience across 10,000 pack designs tested globally and largest EEG and eye-tracking database of 4000+ packs. ​

Pack360 is the only tool to full map the non-conscious and conscious reaction to new pack to accurate understand in-market performance.

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