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Sensory Product Development

We have worked with start-ups and academics, to build a new way to discover and optimize product formulations. Using over 100 models and algorithms, BASES Creative Product AI enables you to discover new, novel, and highly liked products, quickly, and cost-effectively.

How can I overcome the limitations of existing Sensory & Consumer product testing?

Developed in the 1950’s, Sensory & multi-product consumer tests allow you to learn from a selected group of existing and prototype products. However, learning is restricted to what you test and where you conduct the research. And, new product entries in-validate the models.

At NIQ BASES, we have overcome these limitations, to allow you to learn from 21,000 in-market products, from multiple CPG categories and 39 countries, enabling you to rapidily learn new routes to delight consumers.

With BASES Creative Product AI you learn how to develop the best product by using all 21,000 products to develop the formulation. Better still, you can instantly translate the results into as many countries as you need, with no further testing required.

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