Accelerating your restaurant growth through innovations

NIQ BASES partners daily with the top 40 restaurant operators, with specialist industry expertise in the restaurant and QSR space.

Diving deep into guests’ insights and powered by a database of menu items, reflecting occasions and day parts, we leverage proprietary data modeling to provide proven routes to success for your next innovation.

Which new categories could you enter? Which categories could you reinvigorate? Where do you see whitespace?

Employ cutting-edge machine learning methods to co-create ideas with guests, as you explore potential innovation opportunities.

What are your strongest ideas? What is your concept’s in-market potential? How will guests receive your initiative?

Move your strongest ideas forward and validate your concepts to in-market outcomes.

How will you optimize the breadth and pricing of your menu? What product formulation will guests love? How to optimize ads? Design the menu?

Deploy in-market with excellence, with activation strategies powered by Neuro and AI learnings.

The BASES Menu Innovation Award recognizes and celebrates standout restaurant launches.

See the winners, learn how they achieved success, understand key industry trends, and inspire your teams as you launch your own menu innovations.

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